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SONG Weidong

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    SONG Weidong
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    Room 243, Teaching building No.3, School of Mechatronical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
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Research Interests

Impact dynamics of solids and structures;
Mechanics of composite materials;
Mechanical behavior of cellular materials and structures;
Numerical simulation of explosion mechanics

Academic Achievements

1. Weidong Song*, Ge Liu, Jianzhong Wang, et al. The effects of high temperature and fiber diameter on the quasi static compressive behavior of metal fiber sintered sheets. Materials Science and Engineering A, 2017, 690: 71-79.
2. Weidong Song*, Liansong Dai, Lijun Xiao, et al. A meso-mechanical constitutive model of particle-reinforced titanium matrix composites at high temperatures. Metals, 2017, 7(1):15.
3. Lijun Xiao, Weidong Song*, Cheng Wang, et al. Mechanical properties of open-cell rhombic dodecahedron titanium alloy lattice structure manufactured using electron beam melting under dynamic loading. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 2017, 100: 75-89.
4. Bin Pan*, Liping Yu, Yongqi Yang, Weidong Song, Licheng Guo*. Full-field transient 3D deformation measurement of 3D braided composite panels during ballistic impact using single-camera high-speed stereo-digital image correlation. Composite Structures, 2016, 157:25-32.
5. Jilei Zhu*, Jun Sun, Huiping Tang*, Jianzhong Wang, Qingbo Ao, Tengfei Bao, Weidong Song. Gradient-structural optimization of metal fiber porous materials for sound absorption. Powder Technology, 2016, 301:1235-1241.
6. Yuanchao Gan, Weidong Song*, Jianguo Ning. Crystal plasticity analysis of plane strain deformation behavior and texture evolution for pure magnesium. Computational Materials Science, 2016, 123:232-243.