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School of Mechatronical Engineering Invites Alumni for Academic Report

Release date: 2017 01 13


Translator: News Agency of BIT, Qin Siyao
Editor: News Agency of BIT, Zhang Andi

     On March 8, 2016, Academician Qiu Zhiming, director of System Engineering Institute of Naval Armament Academy was invited to Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) for academic exchange. Qiu Zhiming is a distinguished alumnus of BIT. He studied for PHD in the School of Mechatronical Engineering from 2000 to 2004 and was elected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in 2015.
    Dean Jiao Qingjie of the School of Mechatronical Engineering presided at the academic report. To begin with, Professor Bai Chunhua, also the PHD adviser of Qiu Zhiming listed the main achievements of Qiu Zhiming. Afterwards Qiu gave a speech about the development of navy ship combat system. He introduced the key technology of navy ship combat system in detail and analyzed the development of new type of marine equipment. His thought-proving report arouse huge interest of participants and brought about a profound discussion. We believed that this report will propel the cooperation between BIT and Naval Armament Academy.
Release date:2016-04-13