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Youth Teachers Association of School of Mechatronical Engineering Holds Theme Event

Release date: 2017 01 12


Translator: News Agency of BIT, Qin Siyao
Editor: News Agency of BIT, Zhang Andi
    On January 20, 2016, Youth Teacher Association of School of Mechatronical Engineering held a theme event focused on strengthening communication and innovation. Liu Cunfu, party secretary of School of Life Science, Ma Shaopeng, director of basic scientific research of research institute and school leaders and middle-aged and youth teachers in total about 70 people attended this meeting.
    The first item was the election ceremony of Youth Teachers Association presided over by Lu Jun, chairman of labor union and deputy secretary of School of Mechatronical Engineering. Lu Jun announced that Pi Aiguo would be the new chairman of Youth Teacher Association. Pi Aiguo expressed that he would endeavor to develop the association into a great bridge between school and young teachers. Then Mr. Huang Guangyan spoke on behalf of all youth teachers. He shared his personal growth experience to help young teachers decide what they are going to research and teach. After the ceremony, school leaders gave souvenirs to youth teachers, who had joined the school for around four years.
    In the activity, Liu Cunfu delivered a speech themed military industry culture. He came up with the theory that military industry culture can be achieved by quality culture, innovation culture, model culture, security culture and secrecy culture. He believed colleges that features military industry should make the military industry culture better known among people by means of building learning organization. His one-hour lecture resonated through teachers and resulted into a heated discussion. Afterwards Professor Wang Cheng introduced matters related to the application of national science foundation project, especially about key projects, conditions of application, preparation and writing materials. As a scientific research governor, he introduced the classification and work progress of national science foundation as well as a few notes such as important time node and formal examination. After comparing the current situation of applying for funds of BIT and other universities, he expressed his hope that young teachers should declare the Outstanding Young Investigator Award more actively. In the end, Dean Jiao Qingjie delivered a report concerned personnel reform. His detailed introduction of school’s current hire system and performance assessment system met the needs of teachers present.  
    Secretary Li Ping addressed at the closing ceremony. He thought highly of this activity and encouraged youth teachers to improve their abilities by exchanging with each other and tie personal development closely to school development.
A Brief introduction of Youth Teacher Association:
    Established in 2005, the Youth Teachers Association of the School of Mechatronical Engineering was a mass organization led by the Party committee. It aimed at facilitating communication, enhancing exchanges and improving teachers. It has conducted several activities around the theme of the growth of young teachers, which are popular among young teachers.

    The Youth Teachers Association will keep focused on improving capability, strengthening teacher's ethics construction, promoting affective interaction and advocating a healthy lifestyle. First, it will carry out teaching symposium, academic exchange, research cooperation to enhance teachers' moral character and teaching standards in order to better serve students and college. Second, it will facilitate communication between teachers and school and departments, report teachers’ suggestion to school, be concerned about their growth and hold various recreational and sports activities.
Release date:2016-04-13