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Faculty & Students of School of Mechatronical Engineering Visit School Museum

Release date: 2017 01 12


Translator: News Agency of BIT, Qin Siyao
Editor: News Agency of BIT, Zhang Andi
     In order to promote academician Xu Gengguang’s growth experience of academic career and main academic contribution in recent 60 years, especially his spirit of “innovation, objectivity, dedication, patriotism”, on March 4, 2016, students and faculty, party members and league members in all over 1200 people of the School of Mechatronical Engineering visited the exhibition of Xu Gengguang.
    Wang Ming, deputy director of News Center and curator of School Museum introduced the life of Xu Gengguang. By telling his deeds, Wang Ming projected an image of a science giant of Xu Gengguang, who was devoted to work, paragons of virtue and learning and frugal in life. His devotion to national defense and responsibility for family and students were reflected in his assortments of research achievements and the little nothings of life.
    Xu Gengguang was one of the first academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). He was also a respected expert on explosion theory and explosive application technology. He was patriotic as well as dedicated; He pursued truth and was rigorous in educating; He was not only an outstanding representative of engineering sector but also a great teacher who brought up for China a host of talented people. His deeds inspired every student and faculty to become a great person like him.
Visiting insights:
Wu Hao, student of special energy technology and engineering, grade 2013
    He created a poem commemorating academician Xu Gengguang in classical Chinese. In his poem, he praised Xu’s down-earth attitude, diligence and persistence to research, his loyalty to country and his responsibility for education. He observed“Mr. Xu was that kind of great mind who spared no effort in the performance of his duty and devoted all his life to his country and career. Although he has passed away, his contributions and legacy will be felt upon the world forever.”
Sun Yalun, student of special energy technology and engineering, grade 2013
    As a scientist, Mr. Xu spent his whole life interpreting the backbone of nation. As a teacher, he has trained and raised generation after generation of high-quality talent. He was of perseverance, noble character and high prestige. His achievements such as 8701, upgraded B and hexal (both were explosives of high energy) played paramount roles in the field of national defense. He remained obscure for decades testing the security of explosives. I believe his spirit will be immortal.
Zhang Di, doctor of grade 2014 
    On entering the hall, I saw the sculpture of Xu Gengguag. He looked amiable glowing with hope. He has struggled for the career of national defense for his whole life that when he was lying on the sickbed, he could still hear the call of country. He might have left us, but his spirit would always guard our nation.  
    I noticed that in the photo the student Mr. Xu was directing is now my teacher. He taught his fellows how to dedicate to national defense and his student passed on his spirit to us. 
    In spite of the tough conditions, Mr. Xu had led his team and tackled a series of difficulties. Our learning conditions are much more superior than theirs, and thus we should work even harder and make contributions to the defense.
Wang Luyao, doctor of grade 2015
    In this U-shape exhibition hall, I have learned about the entire life of Xu Gengguang. 
    Walking in ascending order, I was amazed by his feats and exploits: A new type of high explosive appeared with his persistence for decades of years; groups of students embarked on a long road to protest China under his concern and teaching.
    However, walking back, I only could only see elegiac couplets, grieving students, and a helpless old man lying on the bed.
    We can’t determine our fate, neither life nor death, but we can decide the trajectory of our life. So everyone, go out and give us a future worthy of living, of this great country.
Release date:2016-04-13