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Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Release date: 2020-06-30


1. Have good personality, and follow national laws and regulations.
2. The applicant should obtain a doctoral degree within 3 years, or will complete the defense of doctoral dissertation and obtain the doctoral degree within a year;
3. Under the age of 35, healthy in body and mind, with strong innovation vitality and academic potential, capable of carrying out scientific research independently;
4. Meet other requirements for postdoctoral recruitment in colleges and reseach team.


Salary and Benefits :

1. Annual Salary:

Team position: 250,000 RMB/ year.
Scientific research position: 140,000-180,000 RMB/ year.

2. Other Benefits:

According to the regulations,we can provide:

Social insurance and provident fund.
Assistance to solve the living problems, such as settling down in Beijing and children education.
Postdoctoral apartments or housing subsidies.
Supporting subsidy of RMB 200,000 RMB/year for selected postdoctoral innovative talents support program or international exchange program
Cultivation allowance of 60,000 RMB/year for foreign postdoctoral fellows.
200,000-RMB research fund and 30,000-RMB international exchange fund for gainer of program for supporting postdoctoral innovative talents
50,000-180,000 RMB research funds for the gainer of general program and special program of China postdoctoral science foundation
Bonus reward for the postdoc selected as "outstanding postdoctoral fellow of Beijing institute of technology".


Applications :

Cover letter,Curriculum Vitae,Publication list,Other support documents ( for example, reference letters, certificate of awards, etc. )


Contact :

Mr. Wan Dong ( HR secretary of school )

Email address :